Only a stone’s throw from Invalides, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, a district that some might have thought was to remain forever rather sedate, Lily Wang offers an intriguing journey into exotic taste, in a glamorous and cozy nest of a dining room, in keeping with the seasons and the products they provide.

who is Lily Wang ? 


Lily Wang is heir to 40 years of culinary passion, starting with a founding father who was able to develop a revolutionary and timeless vision of fusion cuisine. Summer opens onto a secluded and intimate bamboo terrace far from prying eyes, whereas Winter turns into a muted sensuous cocoon where Lily Wang’s mystery lingers.

this season’s cuisine 

Dinner time

In keeping with its roots, Lily Wang stands for character, boldness, and high standards. Original dishes mix East and West in stylish playfulness and give the place its uniqueness. Its motto could be Arouse and Surprise. Lily Wang may be an enigma, but it’s above all a promise – of a complete change of scene.

Getting there 

« Because I am crazy about Asia, I have developed a taste for the seen and the unseen. I could never choose one or the other. As regards China, should one be a wife or a concubine? Likewise, I cannot decide.

And I believe one is drawn to a place like Lily Wang by its dual promise of a lasting relationship and of something ephemeral. »

Jacques Garcia.