Summer pleasures

In Summer, Lily Wang offers a cuisine of soft and refined tastes, such as creative variations on spring rolls, summertime fish tartar with ginger and chive, or the classic ice soup of mango, coconut and tapioca.

Getting there 

On the terrace

Lily Wang will satisfy those who wish to cool off for lunch or for dinner – during the long summer nights when time seems to stand still and the rumble of the city is muted by the tinkling of rosé glasses or the sound of signature cocktails being blended.

Discover the Legend 

Winter pleasures

Lily Wang is definitely a timeless story. From Bah Hoi in Key Largo to Indochine and Ginger in St Tropez and in Paris, one can find there iconic creations that have been restyled with a twist - the classic caramel and coconut pork stew, shrimp with garlic and coriander, or the lemongrass grilled chicken – and that have travelled the world and are still sure to please. For this place, Lily Wang proudly presents her latest creation for which she twists dim sum while sticking to the book.

Getting there 

A cozy cocoon

Lily Wang twists the traditional pho soup by adding ingredients known to her only, and offers her unmissable caramel and coconut pork stew, a recipe that made her famous long ago, like the maramuni chocolate rolls did.

Discover the legend